Bammi - The Original Exploding Pie Game

Bammi - a game of strategy, planning and explosions.
Play Bammi against the computer, or against a friend.
How to play Bammi
Each area on the board starts off unclaimed, and can be claimed by either player.
Clicking an unclaimed area will claim it and place one 'pie slice' in the area.
The computer's pies are red cherry pies, yours are blue blueberry pies.
The maximum number of slices that an area can hold is equal to its number of neighbours,
(up, down, left, right). When the pie in an area is completed, clicking it again will make it explode.
On exploding, one slice is moved from the exploding area to each neighbour, and
the neighbouring areas are all claimed for the current player.
If the additional slice causes a neighbouring area to explode, a chain reaction can occur
and it is possible to claim many areas as a result of adding a single slice.
The game is over when one player has claimed every area on the board.

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